| Tablet Handcraft Tutorial |

We Introducing the innovative tablet-based DIY tutorials! No need for a teacher, just follow along on the tablet. You can reserve a spot in advance at any available location and come in whenever you want. Bring along your friends, and each person can choose a different course. If you have any questions, our in-store teachers and staff are there to assist you.

Our Workshop in Wanhua District is designated as a Grade Three Historical SiteIn the 112th year, we rented the adjacent space to expand our operations. Now, both stores can accommodate up to 65 people at the same time.

The benefits of tablet-based learning include

You can experience our classes at any time that has available slots, without having to coordinate with teachers' class schedules. We offer dozens of courses for you to choose from, allowing you to select your favorites. We even have a photography studio area where you can freely take photos and upload them. Come and experience the most popular DIY courses now!

After the course, you can still come to our professional photography studio and take photos to your heart's content!


Q1: Do I have to make an online reservation?
A1:Due to limited space in our store, we prioritize students who have made online reservations and completed the payment. If you don't make an online reservation, you can still come directly, but there is a possibility that the spots will be fully booked, and we don't want you to make a wasted trip!

Q2 : Can I choose the activity I want to do when I arrive at the store?
A 2 : Certainly! You can make an online reservation for a specific activity and complete the payment to secure your spot. When you arrive at the venue, if you decide to change the chosen activity, you can do so directly. We will adjust the fees accordingly, whether it's a refund or additional payment.

Q3:Of course! You and your friend are welcome to come together. If your friend doesn't want to participate in the activity, they can simply accompany you. Alternatively, if both of you would like to participate in the same course, that is also possible. Our goal is to provide a flexible and enjoyable experience for all participants.
A3:Certainly! However, please note that we charge a companion fee of $199 for your friend who will be accompanying you. With this fee, your friend can join you in watching the tablet content and participating in the handcrafting course. They will also have unlimited access to enjoy complimentary tea throughout the session.

Q4:Can I bring my child? How will the fees be charged?
A4:Of course, you can bring your child along! For children under 10 years old, when accompanied by one parent, there is no companion fee required!

Q5: Can we do different craft workshops together with friends? Will we be sitting at the same table?
A5:You can choose different courses individually and sit at the same table, while each of you works on your own tablet-based crafts. Enjoy the creative process together!

Q6:After placing the order, something came up suddenly. Can I change the schedule/time?
A6:You can contact us by phone or Line, and our backend team will assist you in changing the schedule. Please note that each person is limited to one change only!

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